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Our new unique product line featuring  prescription eyewear and sunwear manufactured from WOOD.

One weekend Kevin was demonstrating chainsaw 
sculpturing at a local arts entertainment venue when one of his eyewear patients in attendance deemed him a name
"The Sawptician"    (That's an optician with a chainsaw in hand)    Although it doesn't roll off the tongue too easily, can't be found as any career description, isn't listed  in a thesaurus or Webster's dictionary;  it only seemed fitting to embrace this iconic name.  

The career path as an optician has been 28 years in the making with inclusion of laboratory manufacturing, management, a mobile optical service,  a retail partnership, and college instructor.    Meanwhile,  a passionate hobby of wood carving continues to be demonstrated nearly every weekend in peak season.  ( See Scheduled Events )   Being in a constant arena where people appreciate things made of wood, the idea of wood eyewear has been a niche market the Sawptician often thought about and had confidence in meeting.   This opportunity recently became a reality by finally meeting and partnering with a leading wood eyewear manufacturer, Proof Eyewear.   

As a board certified optician, The Sawptician is able to understand and meet your specific optical demands while offering several wood eyewear options.    Our state of the art equipment also affords an ability to process prescriptions in our own optical laboratory.  This enables The Sawptician to personally fit, manufacture, and dispense your eyeglasses with the most comprehensive professional service and value.  

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