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Wood Material

One of the key mediums which affords “character” to river tables is the wood surface. A balance of wood with other materials helps the builder to convey creativity and feeling. We mill our own lumber and offer several varieties of wood types which can be purchased as a whole slab or matching pre-cut sets. Both options are offered in live edge (natural rounded), squared edge, or textured edge. Some of the popular wood varieties for our river table kits include: Ash, Maple, Cherry, Oak, Butternut, and Walnut.


Our 2 piece pre-cut wood is air and/or kiln dried and thickness planed which therefore requires minimal tool resources. Standard pre-cut kits are milled to 1 1/2” thickness. Some thickness may slightly vary due to drying and surface planning. However, this is still plenty of material providing maximum structural integrity and manageable weight upon completion. Pre Cut wood can be packaged and shipped via common carrier.

Whole wood slabs

Most whole slabs afford an opportunity to easily make two 2 pc tables out of one 22” plus width x 6’ length slab or four smaller 3’ end tables (If you are unable to figure it out, we would be happy to explain how.) If you’re in it to build more than one table, whole slabs therefore offer great design flexibility due to the inherent availability of solid material. Full slabs however require some extra tool resources also imposing additional “elbow grease” effort for the casual or DIY builder. As each piece is uniquely different, our whole slabs are priced by the board foot (inches thickness x inches width / 12 x feet length x price ) Due to weight and size, whole slabs are currently sold as customer pick up only.

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