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What kind of wood do you use ?

Do you purchase wood ?


In most cases we use white pine for our painted and stained inventory carvings. Compared to many hardwoods, we find it to be as much as 40% lighter, therefore making it easier to transport. For our unpainted carvings, we often use oak, cherry, and walnut. Each of these express the inherant natural beauty of wood; oak provides a light color with contrasting dark grain, cherry provides a deep reddish luster, and walnut often exhibits a contrasting light and deep brown grain. When using these hardwoods, we try to match the wood type and color to the spirit being conveyed through our carving composition.

As needed, we purchase stock wood delivered to our shop location. On occasion we get calls from homeowners who have fallen or cut trees requesting their removal. Contingent upon our current log supply and distance, we may agree to remove useful logs from homeowners yards. However, due to the expense and competitive economic opportunity of time involved in acquiring these logs, we can not offer compensation.

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