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(Custom Free Standing & On-Site Stump Carvings)

Revised January, 2021

The Sawptician wants to assure customers their carving is exclusively original from an idea right through the final touches. We therefore refrain from copying custom work of other artists as well as mass producing our own custom carving designs. Customers supplying a reference photo via digital and/or print media take responsibility of compliance with all copywright laws upon forwarding content.

All sculptures can be categorized as either a single or multiple composition. An understanding of each helps our clients choose a carving composition which meets their unique style demands and budget.

Single composition: As we learned the alphabet, we also learned to apply sounds and letters to make single words. Similarly, a single composition sculpture makes a single subject the main focal point. Examples of a single composition carving is a standing bear, a perched eagle, a wood spirit face, an owl, etc. The execution of single composition carvings tend to be relatively forgiving since the subject anatomy isn’t directly compared to another composition subject.

Multiple Composition: As we learned how to apply words with grammatical structure such as developing sentences, this then facilitated much more effective communication. Likewise, a multiple composition sculpture conveys a feeling or story with interaction between two or more subjects. An example of a multiple composition carving is a standing mother bear looking up at one or more cubs in a tree or an eagle grasping a rainbow trout in it’s talons. The execution of a multiple composition sculpture is usually more complex than a single composition as the proportion and animation of each subject must be balanced with each other.

About half of our on site single composition carvings are completed in 1 day while most of our animated and/or multiple composition carvings require a minimum of two days. Additionally, compositions over 6ft tall or with uneven terrain may require the use of scaffolding or bucket lift which requires additional time as the working platform often needs repositioning with each new cutting angle. Clients interested in an on-site stump carving are requested to provide at least two preliminary digital photographs of the stump via email. One should be a close up showing as much of the stump as possible and another from the anticipated viewing perspective. If possible, it is also helpful to have an average sized person standing next to the tree for an idea of proportion. Understanding any sentiment or special interest which you desire subscribing to helps us develop a uniquely crafted composition for your stump carving. Once this preliminary information is received, we will be able to provide an approximate cost or determine if a further on-site inspection may be needed.

Some of the cost factors involved with an on-site commission include:


Composition complexity

Type of wood

and Traveling Distance

Our standard finish includes torch highlighting, flap sanding, and one coat of protective sealer. Custom painting is available at an additional cost.   Please see our Painted or Natural page to understand and consider pros and cons of each.  

Please give specific attention to identification of hardware (ie. nails, screws, dog tie outs, etc.) Unexpected hardware can compromise our safety, delay carving completion, and add to the final carving cost. A $25 charge will be imposed for replacement of each chain which contacts hardware.

A 10% good faith deposit is required to schedule on-site carvings unless other arrangements are made. Freestanding carving commissions with custom lettering are required to be paid in full upon placing order. Otherwise, a 50% deposit is required to begin all other freestanding carving commissions.

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