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or (Epoxy Tables) combine a balance of modern and traditional mediums and are one of the fastest growing arenas of functional art.

A great river table composition can be compared to a master chef who has unleashed their imagination in preparing a savory gourmet dish energizing the senses of sight , smell, and taste.  ..... Similarly, the river table designer executes a “design recipe” combining wood, metal, stone, resin, paint, and or other similar mediums.  Their unique artistic creation helps capture a feeling of all those who have an opportunity to see, touch, and use the table.

Build it or Buy it

While some people may wish to purchase an existing river table which is ready to enjoy, many prefer to exercise a “hands on” approach. 

Designing and building your own custom work of art is not only an affordable alternative but intrinsically rewarding as ownership of the results are taken. The endeavor may be a one-time experience or a unique profit generating opportunity by commissioning custom orders.

For many years we have subscribed to using mixed mediums including stone, metal, and epoxy resin in our woodcarving compositions. This experience along with our sawmill and forgery, enable us to share knowledge and resources we have developed to offer customers complete and affordable river table kits. Our kits offer the Do it Yourself person with minimal building skills and limited tool resources an opportunity to create their own uniquely crafted piece of art. Since we have taken a majority of the dirty work out of preparing your kit materials, the only major tools required to complete your table build is a cordless drill and an electric palm sander.

Kit Options                                Kit Prices 

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