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Kit Prices start at 


Plus Shipping & Handling

Kit Standard Materials

are highlighted in RED

 Kit Options 

are highlighted in GREEN

Single 1 Piece Slab or Pre-Cut 2 Piece

Ash Hardwood

 48" Length x 22" width x 1 1/2 " thickness 

Included with kit package

indicate squared edge or live edge 

(Pictured on Left)

Textured edge ...add $10.00

Premium Wood Options

Maple ……… add $20.00

Cherry ……. add $25.00

Walnut …..add $35.00

Additional thickness to 2”.......add $20

Call Us for other wood availability and sizes

Color Options

Opaque pigments (white or black) $7.99

Translucent ink  $3.99

(inquire about color availability)

Mica Powder (5 grams)...$7.95

(Inquire about color availability) 

Wise Color and Wise Shift Powder Colorant


(Inquire about color availability and price) 

Wisebond Ol' No. 9 

Cutting Board Oil

(8 oz. bottle) 


Washed and Polished River Stones 

2lb package ....$2.95 

We have a limited amount of vintage cast iron Singer Sewing machine stands.

These work great for epoxy tables and are available as a kit option while supplies last.

Contact us for pricing 


Kit Standard

Steel Hairpin Foot Base Legs

Set of 4

 12” 3/8 dia.  hand forged

 hair pin steel legs with 90 degree 

 angled foot and mounting hardware

($49.95 Value)  Included with Kit package


Set of 4

12” 3/8 dia. hand forged twisted square steel base legs with 90 degree angle foot 

and mounting hardware 

Add…$35.00 to standard Kit price

Non-Kit Retail Price ...$74.95

Premier Carved  Base Options

(in lieu of standard base legs)

Paired Stone Base Ends

Add $239.00 

Non-Kit Retail Price Add...$49.95

Paired Tree and Root Base Ends

Add $279.00

Non-Kit Retail Price Add...$49.95

Single pedestal Tree and Root Table / Bar Base 

 local delivery or customer pick up only

Add $379.00 

Non-Kit Retail Price Add...$49.95

We are always happy to review the entire table building process upon taking delivery of your kit materials and address any issues or questions you may have.     Each of our kits also  come with step by step instructions for completing your table build.   We also welcome you to contact us with any additional coaching you may need during your table kit build. 

1 Gallon of WiseBond 1:1  "Table / Bar Top" epoxy

 ($62.99 value) is included with kit package

The use of more or less epoxy will be determined by your specific composition. We have additional epoxy available for purchase.  See our Understanding Epoxy

page description for type and amounts needed.

Additional  1:1 Table / Bar Top  Epoxy with kit purchase

$57.99 / Gallon.  ...SAVE $5.00 

2:1 Ratio 1 ½ Gal. “DEEP POUR” Epoxy mix in lieu of table / bar top epoxy 

Add: $82.00

Additional 2:1 Deep Pour Epoxy with kit purchase

$135.00 / Gallon....SAVE $10 off $145 / Gal.   Retail

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