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About Us 

We are a small family business including myself (Kevin), daughter (Olivia 18 yrs. old), and son (Logan 16 yrs old) .  In the early days of our chainsaw carving entertainment, Olivia cleaned saws and kept them filled with gas and oil while also learning many "tricks of the trade."  During her apprentice tenure she learned to use chainsaws and began making small carving projects. Since then, Olivia has received awards for sculpting and is now our designated sign carver.   Logan’s background is similar. However, instead of taking a wood sculpting pathway, his flame has been fanned  to fuel a passion for blacksmithing and metal sculpting.  His grandfather,  a retired Ironworker,  helped foster many of Logan's skills such as welding and light metal fabrication.  Logan has already won two metal sculpting competitions and  adds a new dimension to our chainsaw carving entertainment as space permits. 

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