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Logan's Biography

Logan has grown up around chainsaws and from a very young age even made a few tag team appearances at our chainsaw carving entertainment venues.   As most young boys, he also had a magnetic relationship with “FIRE.”    It wasn’t long before he discovered that fire could be used to manipulate metal into desired shapes and became fascinated with blacksmithing.  Logan acquired his first forge as a young teenager which enabled him to execute small  ornamental metal projects.     He then began receiving instruction from his grandfather, a retired ironworker, who helped hone his welding and light metal fabrication skills. As his passion for metal work was very apparent, It was decided to endorse his interest. Logan has already taken on some custom commission work and is always exercising creativity to make something new.  He really enjoys designing and building one of a kind tensegrity tables which combine physics, art, and function.  He also custom forges legs and bases for our epoxy tables and kits.   Logan has already won multiple awards for his metalworking and has even advanced to a national competition.  We are confident that Logan's developing skills will enable us to provide many new mixed media options and look forward to posting pictures of our collaborative work. 

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