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Kevin's Biography

Kevin's affection with wood can be traced back 13 generations to his Early American ancestors who began a lumber business servicing the ship building industry in New England. His personal enjoyment of hobby woodcarving was initially   demonstrated (circa 1994) with two dimensional carving projects.  In the process of making these small scale carvings, he began removing negative space wood with a chainsaw. Soon afterwards, he began applying his already known relief wood carving skills to logs. Therefore, expanding size and dimension of his carvings. Since then, chainsaw carving has become a means to skillfully exercise creativity and imagination into producing unique wood sculptures. To date, Kevin has carved in excess of 5000 sculptures which are positioned with owners in several continental US states as well as on public display in the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum, Tuckerton Seaport Museum, and the Pennsylvania Anthracite Heritage Museum. In addition, he has been commissioned to carving projects by local parks, schools, hospitals, and the US Air-Force. He has been a grant recipient for the communities enjoyment of his work and a participant in several local and regional chainsaw carving competitions where he has won many awards including the most recent East Coast CARVE WARS. He is also an annual participant in The Ridgway International Chainsaw Carvers Rendezvous where artists from around the world convene to showcase their talent. His chainsaw carving provides an entertainment venue at local fairs, festivals and other events as attendees watch logs transform into uniquely crafted one-of-a-kind sculptures.

In addition to his chainsaw carving venue, Kevin is is a certified optician; therefore his name ...

"The Sawptician"

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