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Exterior Carving Maintenance

Once completed, exterior sculptures require some routine maintenance which preserves artistic quality and safe function. Due to inherent features of wood, unpredictable weather conditions, and the contingency of quality maintenance, we do not warranty exterior carving commissions.

Non-maintained carvings in high profile areas such as along busy roadways, public parks, businesses, etc. can compromise artistic integrity while also imposing potential liability when not functioning as intended. Likewise, it is not in our best professional interest to have a negative representation of artwork in locations where a routine maintenance commitment cannot be exercised. We are always happy to offer recommendations for clients to perform their own carving maintenance. However, for those not able to do so we offer two options:

Carving Maintenance Retainer

Quality "annual" sculpture maintenance is the best preventative measure against future issues with higher repair costs. Our scheduled maintenance retainer option enables clients to receive planned annual service for necessary routine maintenance.

Includes: Carving cleaning, minor crack repairs, paint touch up and /or stain (up to 3 colors), one coat of protective sealer, and borate insect & rot mitigation treatment.

Maintenance services are scheduled by geographical areas, include all materials (except lift rental if applicable) and generally performed in mid to late spring and/or early fall before or after our event season. Since the logistics of canvasing geographical areas enable us to service more than one customer per day, our maintenance retainer does not impose travel expenses as opposed to our per diem service alternative. As maintenance services are performed, charges are transferred from our retainer account for applicable service fees. Clients must enter our maintenance retainer agreement upon exercising their carving contract at which time the Initial retainer payment is added to final carving balance payment. Upon exhausting the maintenance retainer, clients may renew (within 30 days) their retainer agreement to continue receiving scheduled annual maintenance service. Clients choosing to exit the agreement assume responsibility of all further maintenance or may use our per diem charge maintenance service.

Scheduled Maintenance is offered throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania in the following counties: Bradford, Columbia, Luzurne, Lackawanna, Susquehanna, Wyoming, Wayne, Pike, and Monroe

Per Diem Maintenance / Restoration

Exterior carvings which have not had routine maintenance often require more time to restore than our actual carving process. As opposed to the original process of rapid wood removal with a chainsaw, restoration service requires a significant amount of labor which involves custom fitting replacement wood, gluing , sanding, contouring, and painting to match the original carving design. Therefore, a carving restoration is indeed much more labor intensive and costly than an investment in quality annual maintenance.

Restoration……Includes: Cleaning, Major and Minor Crack Repairs, Minor Rot mitigation, sanding, torch highlighting, Paint prep sealer, Repainting and/or stain (up to 3 colors), one coat of protective sealer and borate insect & rot mitigation treatment. Additional costs may apply for necessary repair materials

*Note…any electrical accessories must be disconnected and removed from carving before we exercise any restoration services. We are unable to reconnect electrical accessories after restoration. 

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