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Portable Sawmill Service

Custom Sawing

Natural Live Edge & Dimensional lumber

Budget friendly affordable prices


and SAVE

Post & Beam Construction Projects

Landscaping Timbers

Farm Fencing


& More

Why Custom Cut Lumber?

Utilizing trees on your own property

eliminates third party costs ...

Aside from the sentimental value of utilizing your own natural resources, this provides a significant cost savings to any building project. Timbering, transportation, and wholesale brokering are major costs built into the retail price of lumber. Therefore, when lumber is physically milled on your property, these variables are often eliminated to recognize the highest cost savings.

You get premium wood for less than the

cost of standard grade lumber ...

With exception of a very few wood species , our sawmill cuts highly desired wood such as black walnut, oak, and cherry just efficiently as lower commodity building lumber such as hemlock or pine species. Therefore, milling and building with such trees from your own property can add multiples of appraised value to your final building project.

We can cut sizes not available at

most lumber stores...

We can provide a maximum of 24" width, 8" thickness, and 20' length or any combination within those parameters. Milling to custom thickness, width, or length can eliminate the need for planing and cut off waste. Therefore, you only pay for the lumber actually needed.

Quality vs. "Cookie Cutter" lumber

Big lumber mills use laser guided computer programs to maximize the amount of lumber from a log. Although this has a positive appearance from a business perspective, there are inherently parts of a log which afford more and/or less structural integrity. This can be especially critical when using lumber for load bearing applications. Upon having knowledge of your specific building tasks, we can offer superior grade lumber to meet your project demands .

We can bring our fully portable Wood-Mizer sawmill to

your logs or you can bring your logs to our sawmill. 

Please call with any questions.


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