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Our Warranty

As per the variables outlined on our CRACKING page,   we can not guarantee carvings from cracking.   Our warranty policy offers to repair cracks exceeding 1/4 inch wide one time at no charge within one year of purchase.  *Please note that in order to mitigate additional cracking after warranty repair,  it is usually best to let new carvings dry several months with open cracks before exercising our warranty.   

Customers exercising their effective warranty must bring and pick up their carving at our shop location.  *NOTE* We are not responsible for any warranty carvings which remain in our posession after 10 days of advising repairs have been completed. 

Warranty excludes on-site,  permanently positioned exterior carvings,  and third party purchases  (ie. donations,  auctions, events, consignment sales,  etc.)

If your carving is outside our warranty

parameters see our Carving Maintenance options

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